Tour Support Was Always One of My Favorite Things

Touring personnel are as vulnerable as the rest of us (perhaps more so) and because their work takes them away from home for long periods of time and to a different city every day, it’s not as if they can keep a regular schedule of therapist appointments. Today it was announced that there is a whole new kind of Tour Support -- the type that is so desperately needed -- mental health services and support for touring bands and crew. 

Guns. What Are You Going To Do?

We are at war against ourselves in America.

We will kill twice as many Americans here at home this year as the Vietnam War took at its tragic peak. Hundreds of times more than were killed in Iraq or Afghanistan will die in America, shot by Americans.

We are doing the killing using guns we don’t need and never should have in our homes. 

This Is Why Woodstock Still Matters

I get grief for saying this, but the best thing emerging from the Woodstock festival wasn't the music. It wasn’t the drugs and it wasn't free love. The breakthrough at Bethel, NY that weekend was humanitarian. A new vision of community cooperation activated on a mass scale.